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Brass Hanging Picture Frame

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Canvas Garden Kneeler

Solar Dandelion Outdoor Stake Light

Add some sparkle to your garden with our Solar Dandelion Outdoor Stake Lights.


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Add some sparkle to your garden with our Solar Dandelion Outdoor Stake Lights!

Mix and match the two sizes to make a stunning display in flower beds, along paths or alongside a water feature.

Perfect for decorating a garden party, wedding or just relaxing in your outdoor space. Our stunning lights add a soft glow and warmth to your garden or terrace.

Each light has 64 warm white LEDs bulbs.

These lights automatically turn on at dusk.

Perfect for outdoor use, they have a built-in rechargeable battery.

Please note that the price is per Solar Dandelion Outdoor Stake Light.

The length of time the lights stay illuminated depends on the time of year and weather conditions.

They will still work in winter but only for a couple of hours from dusk.

We do not recommend leaving them outside over winter/during periods of bad weather.

Approximate lighting times are:

Spring = 2 - 5 hours

Summer = 5 - 8 hours

Autumn = 2 - 5 hours

Winter = 0 - 2 hours

Expect the brightness intensity to fade as the battery charge becomes low.

100% metal and LED lights.

Small: Total height: 100cm, 64 warm white LEDs Illuminated diameter: 35cm

Large: Total height: 100cm, 120 warm white LEDs, lluminated diameter: 45cm

Lead to solar panel: 3m


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