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Position of The Day The Playbook

366 different positions to try with your partner.

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366 different positions to try with your partner.

Each position is acompanied by burnt calories, possible side effects, props needed,and a rating scale and note section.

A range of difficulties to suit varying levels of flexibility and adventurousness.

Thought of the day. Word of the day. And now... Position of the Day!

Bit of missionary, bit of doggy, bit of spooning, bit of reverse-cowgirl – isn't it time you mixed things up? (If you don't think so, they definitely do). This (s)excellent book contains 366 different positions to try with your partner – or Bumble date, willing stranger, sex doll etc.

Each position comes with a handy illustration, estimates of calories burnt, possible side effects (leg cramps, lawsuits etc.) and props required; there's also space for you to write in your own comments and ratings. Consider it your sexual experimentation bucket list! Now stop reading this and start doing the pretzel, the seashell, and the butter churner.

H18 x W12.5 x D2cm

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