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Personalised Bamboo Wireless Charger

A unique, practical and thoughtful gift, all in one!

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Maximum 15 characters

A unique, practical and thoughtful gift, all in one!

Our Personalised Bamboo Wireless Charger is an ideal gift for him or her.

With an engraved top, you can include any personalised message. They’ll get to read the message every time they use their eco-friendly charger!

The Bamboo wireless charger is compatible with all mobile devices that support QI wireless charging (newest generations Android and iPhone).

Comes complete with USB cable. An ideal gift for Dad this Father’s Day and a stylish and useful finishing touch to his bedside table or kitchen.

Check on the list below to see if your phone can be used with this wireless charging pad. You will be able to keep the case on your phone unless it is very thick. This 5W bamboo charger is for wireless charging of mobile phones. Input: 5V/1.5A. Wireless output: 5V/1A (5W).

For use: connect the charging pad to your 3 pin plug using the black USB cable supplied and then insert the 3 pin plug into a wall socket. A red LED light will then illuminate on the charging pad and it is ready to use.

Simply lay your phone onto the charging pad and it will begin to charge. When your phone is charging, the LED on the charging pad will light up blue.


After placing your phone on the pad, if the LED stays red, then check there are no items between your phone and the charger pad. If the phone case is very thick, you may need to remove it. Try changing the position of your phone on the charger pad – by moving the phone, you will find the point on your phone which contains the wireless charger

Please Note: Shades of engraving may vary due to the natural material of the charger.

Mains plug not included

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