Spreadable Mulled Wine

  • Mulled wine is too good to remain a mere liquid

  • Make the most of this festive favourite while you can

  • Marmalade meets spiced wine and cosy spices

  • Prepared with 48g of fruit per 100g! 

  • Non-alcoholic, suitable for tee-totallers

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Product Description


Like all the best things in life, mulled wine isn’t around for long. You’ve got basically one month to drain as many mugs of it into your mouth as you can before it goes away for the next year. There ought to be more mediums of mulled wine so we can sneak socially acceptable extra helpings in with our food too - and now there is! 

Spreadable Mulled Wine does what it says on the jar. Marmalade meets red wine and your favourite festive spices in this jar of sticky goodness. Unscrew the cap and spread a generous helping of your favourite drink across your toast, pop a spoonful in with your cake batter for a lick of secret flavour, add a measure to your party cocktails, or just eat it straight out of the jar. 

If you can’t eat mulled wine straight out of the jar at Christmas, when the hell can you?! 

Ve - Suitable for Vegans

225g jar

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Lemon, Orange, Red wine (3%) port, ginger, chilli, citric acid, spice, absolute oil (trace).

Total sugar 60g/100g.

Prepared with 48g of fruit per 100g.