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Reusable Waterproof Film Camera


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Product Description


You want summer selfies but not so keen on taking your precious, expensive phone into the pool - or the sea, good grief. 

Just whack out this reusable waterproof camera instead.

It takes the foolproof analogue photos of your Instagram dreams from the underwater splendour of the pool or ocean - or bath, if you’re trying to save a bit of money. 

It comes preloaded with a roll of 17 exposures (that’s photos, btw), but once you’ve used that up, you’ve can simply refill it with any 35mm your heart desires. 

It couldn’t be easier, and it sure beats trying to spritzing that expensive Canon AE-1 down with waterproof spray to get those quirky pool jump shots.

H2.6 x W8.8cm x D5.4cm