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Never Have I Ever

The game of poor life decisions

All those shameful things you did? It's time to share them

The best way to really to get to know your friends

Relive all of life's awkward and embarrassing moments

Played by Ellen DeGeneres to make her celebrity guests squirm

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Product Description


Gave alcohol to a small child/pet?

Cried out the wrong person's name in bed?

Urinated in a public place?

Took a selfie with a corpse?

Perhaps not. But if you did, all of these terrible decisions have finally paid off. Now you get to wear them as proud badges of honour in Never Have I Ever

The aim of the game is to confess, guess and bust open the window into your friends' humiliating lives.

Dig up old bones, liberate the skeletons from the closet and relive all those awkward and embarrassing moments.

The first player to gain 10 cards and build their wall of shame "wins" (depending on your outlook on life).

You'd never think that such a game could breed such competitiveness. Oh it can. 

The only rule is – no judgement. Though admittedly this only really applies during the game.

Recommended for 4-12 players

H10 x W19 x 7Dcm