Moon Lamp

  • Houston, we have a new lamp

  • Blast off to a new level of ambience

  • A realistic, glowing replica of the moon to gaze at

  • Not made of volcanic rock, space dust, or cheese

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Product Description


It’s one small step for lamps, one giant leap for lamp-kind. This moon lamp is unlike anything else on this planet, quite possibly because it was modelled on something that isn’t on this planet. 

It may not be suspended in orbit around the Earth but you wouldn’t know it from the stunning level of detail on this 3D orb. You’ll be sat around wondering how the moon got inside your house and lamenting that it’s much smaller in real life. 

With two different modes of illuminating action (cool white and warm yellow) as well as touch control, it’s even more fun than the real moon.

Plugs in via the included USB cable.

H16.5 x W15.5 x D15.5cm