Matcha Tea

When it's been too matcha

  • Raise your energy levels, boost your metabolism, and more!

  • Peppermint flavour (far tastier than most matcha blends)

  • Packed full of caffeine polyphenols for a 'calming buzz' 

  • Roughly 10x stronger than regular brewed green tea

  • Lends its unique flavour and vibrant colour to heaps of exciting recipes

  • Each tin contains 30g of delicious matcha powder

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Product Description


Pervading Instagram feeds and urban cafes across the land – it's fair to say that matcha has grown a bit of a cult following. 

It's easy to see why. Whether you want to boost your energy levels, jumpstart your metabolism or battle a hangover – this vibrant green superfood is rammed full of powerful nutrients and antioxidants, along with heaps of polyphenols and caffeine for a delightfully 'calming buzz'. Best of all, ours has a delicious peppermint flavour that makes it distinctly more palatable! 

One cup of this stuff is the same as downing ten cups of regular 'brew in the bag' green tea. So then next time life gets too matcha, reach for this iridescent tin, and sip your troubles away.

H7 x W7 x D7cm, 30g