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Marijuana Leaf Candle

Gloriously golden Mary-Jane candle

Unfortunately/thankfully not scented

“No officer, you don’t understand, it was just a candle!”

Carefully chiseled details

Perfect for romantic candlelit bong rips

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Product Description


So many weed-themed lifestyle accessories, so little weed-themed home decor. Apart from this stunning candle, of course. 

Gilded gold and mesmerisingly detailed, this wax masterpiece is the perfect tribute to your favourite medicinal leaf. Light it up for ambient light, light one up for an ambient night. If ya catch our drift. 

We did contemplate adding a cheeky dank cannabis scent, but thought it’s probably best we don’t. Your bedroom already smells like that, you don’t need any help.

H13 x W14.5 x D4cm