Make Your Own Unicorn Balloons

  • Everything you need to make your own 3D unicorn balloons

  • The most magical party decoration there is

  • Shhh, they’re sleeping

  • Look at those golden horns, so majestic 

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Product Description


Balloons are the ultimate decoration. Just blow ‘em up and bob’s your uncle, your front room is now The Official Party Zone. These classy, cute unicorn balloons are a step up from that - and you’ll feel like the festivities have kicked off early because they’re so fun to put together. 

Inside the box, you’ll find everything you need to make five of these adorable 18 inch latex balloons. From the balloons themselves to the glittering golden horns and even their cute little eyelashes, aww. 

Just make sure they don’t go galloping into each other with those big ol’ horns. We don’t want any magical accidents, now.

18" balloons