Make Your Own Gin Cookies

  • Create a boozy batch of edible gin cocktails – warm, crunchy, gooey ones

  • Just add butter and your favourite gin (Unicorn Tears Gin, right? RIGHT?)

  • Make 10-12 delicious cookies infused with subtle gin and cardamom flavours

  • Super simple baking meets gourmet mixology – sort of

  • It'll only take you 15 minutes!

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Product Description


Make 10-12 delicious cookies infused with subtle gin and cardamom flavours.

What if we told you that in just 15 minutes from now*, YOU could be feasting on your very own batch of warm, fragrant, gooey, crunchy gin-infused cookies? 

So easy to make. So delicious. Our kit takes care of all the boring baking "science" so all you need to do is slap in a knob of butter and slosh in a generous glug of your favourite gin.

The finished cookies perfectly combine those "oh my these smell amaaazing" primal urges with the effortless classiness (and tastiness) of a G and T. What a concoction. 

And remember, these cookies are just the foundation for you to experiment with – why not grate in a little lemon zest to give them a Tom Collins-y twist? Or switch out some of the gin for a splash of Campari and vermouth for some Negroni vibes. Yum. 

*Well, plus the time it takes you to read this, buy the cookies and have them delivered. The sentiment is there.

Wheat Flour (Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Thiamin), sugar, cardamom and baking powder.

H5 x W8 x D8cm