Kitchen And Camping Multi Tool

Our Kitchen Multi Tool contains 12 high quality fold-out culinary utensils.

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Product Description


On first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking the Kitchen Multi Tool is a bit of a gimmick. But as soon as you start peeling out a few of the tools you quickly realise that this is a seriously useful and functional kitchen accessory.

Somehow the makers have packed in 12 high-quality, stainless steel utensils:

Cheese grater

Stirring spoon

Carving fork

Channel knife

Serrated knife

Paring knife

Zester Peeler

Garlic crusher

Cork screw

Can opener

Bottle opener

Whether you're looking to serve up a feast, crack open some drinks or just save some space – the Kitchen Multi Tool is everything you need and more.

12 stainless steel fold-out kitchen tools with wooden handle.

H11 x W24 x D7cm