Grow Your Own Marijuana

  • From seed to weed in just a few weeks

  • Everything you need to grow your own Cleome plant 

  • Looks and smells exactly like marijuana

  • Let the neighbours think you're a laid back drug dealer

  • The ideal gift for one of your jittery ex-stoner friends 

  • One in every hundred contains real weed! Not really.

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We've all thought about it, and now you can fulfil the dreams of your late-teens and Grow Your Own Marijuana

Okay so it's not actually marijuana, it's Cleome – a copy-cat plant that looks and smells exactly like the real thing. It certainly fooled us! We'll never get that afternoon back... 

Each box contains seeds, biodegradable incubation pots, plant markers, compost disks and simple instructions. The neighbours should be peering nervously into your garden within a couple of months.

Each kit contains: 2x bags of seeds, 4x coconut husk pots, 4x compost discs, 4x wooden markers and a leaflet of instructions

Great for growing indoors – pop them on the windowsill and once they get too big, simply plant the whole thing in the garden

Takes around 2-3 months to germinate

H12 x W12 x D12cm