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  • Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit

    As featured in: Square Meal's Christmas edition

    Grow Your Own Coffee Plant Kit by All Things Brighton Beautiful. Do you crave a cappuccino or long for a latte Aromatic Coffee Plant Arabica Nana This kit includes everything needed to grow your own coffee plant.

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  • Grow Your Own Tea Plant Kit

    Grow Your Own Green Tea Plant Kit by All Things Brighton Beautiful. This kit includes everything needed to grow your own tea plant.

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  • Coffee to Grow

    You never touch the freeze-dried muck, you loath the faceless high-street chains, but you love gourmet coffee – it's time to grow it yourself. Our Coffee to Grow kit comes in a biodegredable takeaway cup and includes organic fertiliser, instructions and one almighty Coffea Arabica Nana bean. Everything you need to grow your own coffee plant and create your master blend (in many, many, many months time). The best part? After a few months of growth, you can just place the entire cup into a plot of soil/flower bed – and because it's made from compressed bamboo fibres it will naturally decompose and turn into tasty fertiliser for your plant. Please note: Your Coffee Plant will require a bit of love and tenderness in the first four weeks of growth – after then it's plain sailing! Learn More
  • Matcha Tea

    When it's been too matcha

    • Raise your energy levels, boost your metabolism, and more!
    • Peppermint flavour (far tastier than most matcha blends)
    • Packed full of caffeine polyphenols for a 'calming buzz' 
    • Roughly 10x stronger than regular brewed green tea
    • Lends its unique flavour and vibrant colour to heaps of exciting recipes
    • Each tin contains 30g of delicious matcha powder
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  • F*cking Strong Coffee & Mug Set

    • The best way to enjoy F*cking Strong Coffee
    • Damned powerful coffee and a f*cking cool enamel mug
    • A complex blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica Coffee
    • Super strong ground coffee suitable for all coffee makers
    • Packed and roasted at our Leeds roastery
    • Fragrant, full-bodied and f*cking flavoursom
    • Mug holds approx 285ml (10oz
    • 50g bag of F*cking Strong Coffee
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  • Calm The F*ck Down Tea Set

    The best way to enjoy Calm The F*ck Down Tea

    Includes a ridiculously cute 10g mini tin of tea

    Printed earthenware mug to remind you to calm the f*ck down

    Refreshing herbal tea, dashed with camomile and peppered with liquorice

    The ideal gift for all your overworked and underpaid pals

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  • Red Wine Tea

    Red wine is fab - that goes without saying.

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  • Gin Infusing Kit

    Gin. Plain gin. Dull, right? Yes, it goes nicely with tonic, but you don’t have to settle for JUST that. We’re putting the power to make your very own creative gin infusions into your hands, with our Gindulgent Infusions Kit! With easy to follow instructions, this kit contains enough ingredients and equipment to make four 350ml batches of infused gin, each with a unique flavour profile. Are you more of a rose and raspberry pink gin kinda guy, or a lady who loves liquorice? Don’t worry, you don’t have to choose - you can make both of those AND chocolate orange infused gin, AND rhubarb and ginger infused gin all with this one kit. As long as you have 350ml of gin per batch - doesn’t have to be pricey stuff, you’re going to infuse it to the high heavens so it’ll end up delicious regardless - and two glass jars or bottles to infuse and store your gin in. Simple! Learn More

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