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  • Matcha Tea

    When it's been too matcha

    • Raise your energy levels, boost your metabolism, and more!
    • Peppermint flavour (far tastier than most matcha blends)
    • Packed full of caffeine polyphenols for a 'calming buzz' 
    • Roughly 10x stronger than regular brewed green tea
    • Lends its unique flavour and vibrant colour to heaps of exciting recipes
    • Each tin contains 30g of delicious matcha powder
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  • F*cking Strong Coffee & Mug Set

    • The best way to enjoy F*cking Strong Coffee
    • Damned powerful coffee and a f*cking cool enamel mug
    • A complex blend of Brazilian and Honduran Arabica Coffee
    • Super strong ground coffee suitable for all coffee makers
    • Packed and roasted at our Leeds roastery
    • Fragrant, full-bodied and f*cking flavoursom
    • Mug holds approx 285ml (10oz
    • 50g bag of F*cking Strong Coffee
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  • Calm The F*ck Down Tea Set

    The best way to enjoy Calm The F*ck Down Tea

    Includes a ridiculously cute 10g mini tin of tea

    Printed earthenware mug to remind you to calm the f*ck down

    Refreshing herbal tea, dashed with camomile and peppered with liquorice

    The ideal gift for all your overworked and underpaid pals

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  • Red Wine Tea

    Red wine is fab - that goes without saying.

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