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  • Gin & Tonic Marmalade

    Make a toast! We'd like to propose a toast... smothered with Spreadable Gin. No longer confined to a cut glass tumbler mixed up with tonic water; our booze-infused preserve is one seriously versatile gourmet ingredient – spread it, drink it, bake with it, or gobble it straight out of the jar. All of the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process so this heavenly ginjection won't give you a furious hangover! Suitable for Vegetarians Learn More
  • Mojito Marmalade

    Clean, citrus-y and refreshing – a morning cocktail flavour explosion. Our Mojito Marmalade is bringing a sweet and boozy Cuban revolution to the breakfast table! Infused with real juicy limes and a generous measure of rum; this gourmet marmalade cocktail is much more than your average jar of preserve – it's your new favourite cooking ingredient. You can scoop it onto ice creams and sorbets, bake with it, stir it into cocktails, serve it with cheese, or just spoon it straight from the jar. Best of all (or not, depending on your disposition), the alcohol has been cooked off so you won't get drunk while eating it or get a crippling hangover. Learn More
  • Espresso Martini Marmalade

    Gourmet cocktail marmalade infused with real coffee and vodka. So the story goes... in the late 80s a young lady asked the barman of Fred's Club in London to make her a drink that would "wake me up, and f*ck me up". Well, we can't guarantee that our Espresso Martini will do the latter, but we can promise you there's no better way to start the day than with a thick slab of toast slathered with this boozy coffee deliciousness. Infused with lashings of vodka and coffee; our gourmet marmalade cocktail is destined to be your new favourite secret ingredient – bake with it, dollop it on yoghurts, shake it into cocktails, glaze meat with it, or just guzzle it straight from the jar. All of the alcohol has been cooked off so you can enjoy some sweet, hangover-free indulgence – while a heady caffeine punch remains to leave you full of beans! Learn More
  • Spread The Love Pink Gin Marmalade

    • Spread the love all over, baby
    • Handmade marmalade by award-winning marmaladiers
    • No artificial colours or flavourings here! 
    • Tastes exactly like pink gin
    • Too damn delicious for its own good
    Learn More
  • Spreadable Mulled Wine

    • Mulled wine is too good to remain a mere liquid
    • Make the most of this festive favourite while you can
    • Marmalade meets spiced wine and cosy spices
    • Prepared with 48g of fruit per 100g! 
    • Non-alcoholic, suitable for tee-totallers
    Learn More
  • Set Of Three Gin Marmalades Gift Set

    The perfect gift for gin fans.

    Learn More
  • Spreadable Pornstar Martini Marmalade

    • Award-winning vodka passion fruit preserve
    • The perfect accompaniment to tantalising toast or a slutty bagel
    • Or bake with it, stir it into cocktails, eat it with your hands like an animal
    • Made with real passion fruit and cheeky lashings of vodka
    • For the sexiest breakfast in bed of your life
    • All natural ingredients, no nasties
    • Vegan friendly!
    • Contains real passionfruit and vodka
    • Hangover free indulgence
    • You heard us, it’s basically impossible to get tipsy on this tantalising stuff
    Learn More
  • Spreadable Whisky Marmalade

    Step aside, Marmite. Be gone, Nutella. And don’t even contemplate hanging around, peanut butter. You’ve all been replaced. Spreadable whisky is the surprisingly delicious way to sneak a rich dose of malty goodness onto your morning toast. Marvellously indulgent, it’s the perfect treat for when a morning tipple would be a step too far into alcoholism. A seductive hint of what smokey delight lies beyond sundown. Pro tip: goes phenomenally with a delicious triangle of Roquefort cheese on a cracker - or Monterey Jack if you’re a softlad. Generous 227g jar. Learn More
  • Peach Bellini Marmalade

    Sweet and juicy Peach Bellini, no longer confined to the prosecco flute! Double down on the bottomless brunch vibes with our Peach Bellini Marmalade Infused with prosecco and real juicy peaches, we've liberated this classic cocktail from the prosecco flute and transformed it into a gourmet marmalade! This boozy preserve isn't just for breakfast though – it's one hell of a versatile cooking ingredient: stir it into yoghurts and ice creams, bake it with some brie, shake it up into cocktails, melt it into a meat glaze, or just guzzle it straight from the jar. All of the alcohol is cooked off during the creation process so this spreadable cocktail won't give you a horrendous hangover. Learn More

10 Item(s)

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