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Washing & Care Tips

Wash the Zipadee-Zip zipped up, and inside-out to cut down on pilling.
  Wash on gentle cycle and either hang to dry or dry on low heat.  As the Zipadee-Zip gets so much more wear than a normal outfit for your baby (since it is used for every nap and night time in most cases), it can help to keep these tips in mind. 

For little ones who like to suck on the tips of the Zipadee-Zip: before putting your Zipadee-Zip in the wash, simply spray the tips with white vinegar and let it set a bit before washing it!  That should get rid of stubborn dribble marks!

As our Zipadee-Zips aren't chemically treated to ensure the safety of your baby, the fabric may have a little pilling after all the washes it endures but please know that this, in no way, reflects the quality and durability of the fabric used to make them.  We actually pay a premium to get our product made in a way that is safe for those little ones but still complies with regulations and maintains quality and durability.