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Gold Edition Artwork Cufflinks

Gold Edition Artwork Cufflinks

Galvanised Steel Thermometer

Galvanised Steel Thermometer

The Artisan Spiced Rum Kit

Why should I spice my own rum?

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Because it tastes absolutely sublime! You can take any bottle of standard, inexpensive supermarket rum and transform it into a spiced gourmet concoction overnight. Well, maybe two or three nights depending on how strong you want the flavours. Think sweet and spicy Caribbean notes of toasted sugar, vanilla and ginger – your very own sunshine in a bottle. Even when put up against popular rum brands you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results and wonder why you hadn't tried it sooner! Oh, and did we mention it's really easy and fun to do? Go grab yourself a bottle of rum because our Artisan Spiced Rum Kit contains everything else you need: recipes, two unique premium spice blends, a funnel, filter bag, even a glass bottle and label to help show off your finished boozy creation. Rum not included! You will need to provide a container to infuse the rum in. The kit contains: 50cL glass bottle to store your delicious creation Stainless steel funnel Tin of Captain's spice blend Tin of Jamaican Ginger spice blend Easy-to-follow instructions Filter bag Bottle label for your finished blend H13 x W22 x D18cm
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