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How To Live With A Huge Penis

How To Live With A Huge Penis

Boys With Plants

Boys With Plants

Star Wars Origami

  • Craft iconic Star Wars characters, vehicles and droids out of paper
  • 36 highly-rewarding projects over 256 pages
  • Various levels of difficulty to cater for Younglings and Jedi Masters
  • Packed full of detailed instructions and glorious Star Wars trivia
  • Learn to fold paper, you will
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With 36 different projects over 256 pages, each chapter gradually increases the difficulty level, moving you from Youngling to Jedi Master and there’s even paper included. Learn to fold paper, you will. 
Something that both the ancient Origami and Jedi masters agree on is that you must not use (the) force for evil. This applies whether you’re fighting intergalactic battles, doing a jigsaw, or folding paper into awesome Star Wars shapes. 

Packed with printed project pages, and Star Wars trivia, it’s an absolute must for those with a passion for Padme and her pals, or just a surplus of paper who feel like folding. 
H20 x W22 x D3cm
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