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Silver Edition Fingerprint Cufflinks

Silver Edition Fingerprint Cufflinks

Gold Edition Artwork Cufflinks

Gold Edition Artwork Cufflinks

Gold Edition Handprint Cufflinks

These handmade gold cufflinks are created with your loved ones real handprints!

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Your man can keep his loved ones with him at all times.

For the father of your children…your groom to be…your grandfather…your brother.

We can use the same print for both cufflinks, or a different print for each cufflink.

These cufflinks are handmade to order in our Sussex Studio.

Once we recieve your prints we aim to make and send your cufflinks within 5-7 working days.

We can provide a simple ink-less print kit so you can capture your hand at home, or we can work with prints you may already have.

To return your prints simply email a high resolution scan or close-up photo of your chosen print(s) to us. We don’t usually need to receive hard copies of the prints and can work with prints from people of any age.

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