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Privacy Webcam Cover

Hate to say it, but we live in an age where people get spied on quite a lot.

Whether it's by the media, the government, the apps we use every day, or some really bored nerd – everyone wants a bloody piece!

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Well, now you can put two fingers up to any unwanted snoopers with our set of three Privacy Webcam Covers. 

They stick securely to your devices and have a handy flap so you can quickly toggle between taking photos and total privacy.

These slimline covers use a special adhesive so they can be easily removed and won't leave a gummy residue or scratches on your device.

We'll admit it, a few years ago we scoffed at our mates who taped across their laptop webcams, but now the invasion of privacy is more real than ever. This is the smartest solution we've found – nice and unobtrusive, just stick it on and forget about it.

Need further convincing? Mark Zuckerberg, Mister Facebook, Doctor Data himself has tape across the camera on his laptop. Seriously, there's a picture, Google it. Better safe than sorry!



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