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Dog Lover Mug

Dog Lover Mug

Personalised Crocheted Dog Head Wall Hanging

Personalised Crocheted Dog Head Wall Hanging

Personalised Crochet Dog Face Keyring

The perfect personalised letterbox gift for any pooch parent - a crocheted replica of their best friend's face, created from photographs, on a keyring.

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Each personalised pet creation is totally one of a kind, just like your pet, as no patterns are used during making. These handmade crochet keyrings are made with love and care, from cockapoos to labradors, labradors to beagles and dachshunds to schnauzers, we can make any breed.

They are in 'ready to gift' packaging and we can include gift messages and notes too!

Each dog face keyring is made in a colour palette suitably close to your dog's natural colouration and tones. Yarn will be selected from our collection and matched on colour and texture to help create a likeness of your furry bestie.

To obtain as much detail as possible, you will need to send us a clear image of your dog.

Email [email protected] attaching your images and quoting your order number. Please include details unique to your dog such as a special shaped patch or an ear that bends strangely!

Every attempt is made to get all details of your pooch included, but please remember, we can only include what we can see from the photograph(s) and details you give!

Please note that processing times are applicable AFTER suitable images are received. We cannot begin creating your order until we have images of your pet. A delay sending images will result in a delay processing and receiving your order.

made from:

Dependent on colouration, a variety of manmade fibres and yarns are used. We rarely use natural fibres, but we can avoid using natural yarns such as wool and alpaca on your request.

Each head will have two safety eyes. Some toys will have a safety nose dependent on the artistic choices made when creating your pet.

Recommended care: sponge clean with a damp cloth; or for heavy soiling please handwash at 30 degrees only. Always dry naturally.


Due to the bespoke nature of these products, sizes can vary dependent on the breed and yarns used. All measurements are approximate.

They keyring clasps measure 2cm.

The heads will be approx. 6cm, however, as no patterns are used this may vary.


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