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Birthstone Family Tree Square Signet Ring

Birthstone Family Tree Square Signet Ring

Fingerprint Heart Necklace

Fingerprint Heart Necklace

Mini Fingerprint Charm Necklace

Gorgeous Fingerprint Charms, we love creating unique and treasured items. These fingerprint charms are captured using our special Moulding putty which captures every line and curve, ready to make your special jewellery.


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All our Fingerprint Jewellery is made to order especially for you. Each heirloom quality piece captures your fingerprint in the finest of detail, cast in precious Sterling Silver.

All you need is a piece of plain white paper, a soft pencil and some clear sticky tape!

Taking the prints:

You will need a soft black pencil, white paper & sellotape.

1. Draw a sold black square on a piece of paper.

2. Press your finger firmly on the solid colour.

3. Lift up your finger and take a print of your finger using sellotape

4. Stick the sellotape down on the paper. (Its important the sellotape is free of dust and hair.)

5. Then simply email or post the print to us.

Charms are approx 10mm x 10mm

Once you have placed your order we will dispatch a fingerprint kit within one working business day.

Once you have taken the prints return your prints to us via Email or Post

Five days later you will have your unique, personalised and hand crafted gift in your care.

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