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After Dinner Port Gift Set

After Dinner Port Gift Set

Prosecco And Cheese Gift Set

Prosecco And Cheese Gift Set

Make Your Own Halloumi Kit

  • Everything you need to make 8 batches of mouth-watering halloumi
  • The ideal first foray into cheese creation – it's so easy!
  • Tastes infinitely better than the usual supermarket rubber

Please Note:

  • For each batch you will need: 4 litres of milk, a large pan with a lid, knife, slotted spoon, mixing bowl and a colander


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ust take a moment to envisage a sizzling slab of freshly-grilled, homemade halloumi – salty, squeaky and f*cking delicious. 

Our Make your own Halloumi kit contains enough equipment and ingredients to make eight (yes eight!) batches of mouth-watering halloumi – all you need to do is add your own milk! 

If you're not too hungry and have the patience to leave your cheesy creation in the fridge overnight – do it, it's worth the wait. The salt and mint will have time to fully infuse into the halloumi and the resulting flavour is absolutely sublime.
Kit Includes:
1x Thermometer
1x Cheese mould
2x Rennet tablets
1x Pack of cheese salt
1x Pack of dried mint
1x easy to follow instructions
H11.5 x W24 x D10cm
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