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Little Bao Dumpling Night Light

Little Bao Dumpling Night Light

Black Cat Ears And Tail Fancy Dress

Black Cat Ears And Tail Fancy Dress

Lion Mane Fancy Dress

Transform from everyday kid into a jungle cat in seconds with this adorable headdress.

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On average, lions weigh 500 pounds, are 8 feet long, and have the loudest roar of almost any species—that's right, even louder than your little one when it's snack time!

With this lion mane, your child—or even you—will channel the energy of the jungle in a melt-your-heart kind of way.

The fuzzy yarn headdress is topped with felt ears and a ribbon tie to make Halloween, or just your daily game of dress up for a rip-roaring good time.

Felt, elastic and acrylic wool.


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