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Personalised Mini Figure Key Ring

Personalised Mini Figure Key Ring

Match Made In Gold & Marble Stone Print

Match Made In Gold & Marble Stone Print

Gold Edition Fingerprint Cufflinks

These handmade cufflinks are created with your loved ones fingerprints.

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Your man can keep his loved ones with him at all times.

For the father of your children…your groom to be…your grandfather…your brother.

We can use the same print for both cufflinks, or a different print for each cufflink.

Our cufflinks show the best prints from children over three years old. With younger children, results may vary.

No print kit is needed. This ‘flat’ design lets you capture a person’s unque fingerprint without the need for one of our FingerPrint Kits, and preserves it forever in a unique and truly original piece of jewellery.

Handmade in sterling silver, you simply take the print at home using our simple instructions. All you need are a piece of plain white paper, a soft pencil and some clear sticky tape!

Taking the prints:

1. Draw a sold black square on a piece of paper.

2. Press your finger firmly on the solid colour.

3. Lift up your finger and take a print of your finger using sellotape

4. Stick the sellotape down on the paper. (Its important the sellotape is free of dust and hair.)

5. Then simply email the print to us.

The fingerprint is handmade from Sterling Silver and set in gold coloured plated brass.

Approx 18mm in diameter

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