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Tool Rail

Tool Rail

Galvanised Steel Barometer

Galvanised Steel Barometer

Galvanised Steel Thermometer

Keep track of the ever-changing temperatures with the our Thermometer.

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An eye-catching addition to our range, the unit is crafted in Galvanised Steel making it completely weatherproof, even in coastal locations.

Designed for use both indoors and outdoors, the silver casing has a lovely shine.

The typeface and design is simple and clear making it easy to read, wherever you choose to place it.

As our this range continues to grow, we have also launched a matching Barometer in the same style.

They come beautifully boxed, making a perfect gift.

Do not mount the thermometer in direct sunlight or near to a direct heat source.

Crafted in Galvanised Steel

Depth 5 x Diameter 22cm


By Garden Trading

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