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Jizz The Game

Jizz The Game

World Map 150 Piece Mini Puzzle

World Map 150 Piece Mini Puzzle

For The Girls Adult Party Game

  • he perfect game for girls’ nights 
  • That’s the entertainment for the hen do sorted!
  • 100s of hilarious cheeky questions for ladies 
  • Not for children
  • Also not for men
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The old hen do games have grown withered and saggy. You've fashioned the bride a gown of toilet roll and pinned the trunks on the hunks more times than you can count. It’s time for something new. 

Like this game! For The Girls is a massive adult party game containing hundreds of questions to kick the night off right. Seriously, hundreds. There are 100 Truth or Dare cards, 100 Never Have I Ever cards, 100 Rapid Fire question cards, 100 'Best of the Best' cards, and 100 'Most Likely To' cards. Oh, and a lovely little pink die. What a nice touch. 

Innocent bystanders will hear the staccato cackles from your group and wish they had a group of gals as close and hilarious as yours. 

Btw… This game is recommended for women, but obviously men can play it too. If you invite some lads to the table, nobody is going to call the gender police. That goes for anyone who identifies as something else as well, you don’t have to fit the binary to answer whether or not you’d get back with your ex for a million pounds.

H21.7 x W11.3 x D6.5cm

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