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Antique Black Standing Frame

Antique Black Standing Frame

Hanging Plant Pot

Hanging Plant Pot

F ckboy Tears Gin Liqueur

Empowerment is a drink best served on the rocks

The sweet tears of fuckboys, bottled

Juicy passionfruit and tropical mango flavoured

If the passion has gone, you gotta let that man-go

Did we mention these tears are shimmery? 

Limited edition - a bit like their love for you

Availability: Out of stock

When he doesn’t believe in labels, starts speaking to you after months of silence, sends you ‘you up?’ or ‘Wyd? xx’ at 2 AM, begs for nudes and says all his exes are crazy… He’s a fuckboy. 

You don’t deserve that. So we made them cry, then we bottled their sadness. 

All that sweet retribution turned their salty tears into a juicy passionfruit and mango flavoured glittery gin liqueur. It’s the perfect partner for prosecco, tonic water and a slice of grapefruit. Swirl their tears around your glass to unlock a torrential wash of holographic shimmer, knowing no fuckboy is gonna mess you around again. 

Warning: drinking too much of this may lead to rogue ex-texting. Be on your guard.

H15cm x W7cm x D7cm

20cl bottle

Ve - Suitable for Vegans

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