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Clamp Bottle Opener

Clamp Bottle Opener

Personalised Best Teacher Engraved Pewter Tankard

Personalised Best Teacher Engraved Pewter Tankard

Colour Changing Gin Kit

  • Contains almost everything needed to make your own colour changing gin
  • Create blue gin that turns pink when combined with tonic
  • Just add your favourite gin!
  • Complete with a beautiful 50cl corked glass bottle
  • The chameleon of the botanical spirit world
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In the past, if you wanted to do magic, you’d have to spend hours shuffling cards, smuggling pennies behind ears and cramming bunnies into hats. Now all you have to do to get your audience awestruck is sit back, relax, and pour some tonic. 

This fancy little kit gives you almost everything you need to create five 500ml bottles of colour changing gin. Just round up some of your favourite gin and the kit will supply the rest to turn your boring ordinary gin blue, and then pink when combined with tonic. 

Of course, magicians never reveal their secrets, but the scientific secret to making your gin magical involves some mysterious butterfly pea flowers. Oh bugger, we weren’t meant to say that.

H22 x W18 x D13cm

Ve - Suitable for Vegans

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