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Ceramic Hanging Planter

Ceramic Hanging Planter

Ceramic Hanging Plant Pot

Bring up-to-the-minute design flair to your indoor gardening with hanging pots.

Displays of hanging plants are super-stylish and our pots make the trend very accessible.

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These adorably tiny hanging pot is just perfect for those small-but-perfectly-formed baby succulents.

It has a charming hand-crafted feel, with a slightly wavy edge to the rim.

On the lower half there’s a beautiful dip-glaze in a soft aqua shade, which accentuates the interesting dimpled texture.

This pot looks gorgeous all around the home, but we think it looks especially pretty in the bathroom.

This hanging indoor planter is crafted in durable stoneware, and is fully waterproof. It features a stylish and strong leather hanging cord.

Stoneware with leather haning cord.

H6.5 x Dia7cm

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