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'Darling You Are Fabulous' Matches

'Darling You Are Fabulous' Matches

Shortbread Dunking Dickies

Shortbread Dunking Dickies

Dickhead Hoopla

Turn yourself and your mates into utter dickheads, literally

Two large plastic penises on headbands, with rings to toss and catch

Each one is a different shade of lurid pink

Loads of childish fun for adult groups

The ideal passive aggressive gift for your ‘favourite’ colleague

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This traditional party game has a rather obvious twist - penises. Giant pink ones that you slip onto your head using the comfy, elasticated headbands attached. How very naughty.

Catch as many rings as possible with your newly sprung phallic unicorn horn to win. It’s that simple!

It’s addictively challenging (double the challenging factor after a few drinks) and 100% guaranteed to provide hours of lewd banter and precious memories.

Perfect for hen/stag dos, Christenings, funerals, supermarket branch openings, and making your tipsy boss look like a muppet at the staff Christmas party.

H27.5 x W18.3 x D7cm

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