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Set Of Two Rainbow Martini Glasses

Set Of Two Rainbow Martini Glasses

The Artisan Spiced Rum Kit

The Artisan Spiced Rum Kit

Oak Wine Glass Shelf

Store a favourite vintage (or four) on our Oak Wine Glass Shelf.

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Beautifully crafted from oak, not only will it neatly store bottles, the underside is specially designed to hang glasses.

Perfect for when five o'clock comes around.

Fits four standard wine bottles.

Weight limit: 8.5kg.

Wall fixings not supplied.

We recommend this item is fixed to solid masonry walls only.

Crafted in Oak

H34 x W45 x D12cm, 3.4kg

Width to fit wine glass: 4cm

Height to first dowel: 11cm

Back panel: H6cm


By Garden Trading

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