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Gold Hoop Earrings

Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Whisky Infused Coffee

Ground Arabica coffee infused with premium alcohol!

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Take two of life's greatest pleasures – casually sipping a tumbler's worth of delicious booze and enjoying a cup of coffee – then combine them into one glorious hot drink and you've got our Alcohol Infused Coffee.

These unusual boozy infusions are made using hand-roasted Colombian Arabica beans and come in two equally indulgent flavours:

Smooth and smoky sophistication in a coffee cup. All of the rich, oaky character of a cask-aged whisky, perfectly balanced with mellow notes of vanilla and dark forest fruits.

Best of all, they're alcohol-free so you can enjoy them any time!

Vegan friendly. Lactose and gluten-free

Doesn't contain any alcohol.

Store in a cool, dark place and keep the bag sealed.

Hand-roasted and hand-packed in the UK.

Medium roast Arabica beans from Colombia.

H19 x W16 x D8cm, 20g bag

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