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Framed Personalised Mini Figures

Framed Personalised Mini Figures

Brass Hinged Glass Frame

Brass Hinged Glass Frame

You Repulse Me The Least Chocolate

  • For that special person who doesn’t disgust you as much
  • Raspberry meets rose meets white chocolate
  • The prettiest, pinkest chocolate bar there is 
  • Big enough to share
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Let’s face it, most people are a little bit repulsive. Hopefully, there’s someone in your life who is just a bit less repulsive than the rest of them. This is a chocolate bar for them. 

Celebrate their above-averageness with this pink bar of pure delight. Each square is infused with tart raspberry and delicate rose, for the perfect twist on sweet white chocolate. 

Be warned: this chocolate bar is incredibly scoffable. Downright irresistible, even. That person may disgust you the least now, but after seeing how ravenously they wolf this down, you may find yourself rethinking your choice.

V - Suitable for Vegetarians

Palm oil free.

H16 x W7.8 x D1.2

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