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Bulletproof Whisky Glass

  • This Whisky glass has taken a bullet for you
  • Handblown so every glass is unique!
  • REAL .308 calibre bullet lodged in the glassware
  • Use it to pretend you're in a slow-motion video
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This sexy piece of glassware actually saved someone's life. what you'll tell the masses as you sip casually from the Bulletproof Whisky Glass. 

The truth is – each of these striking tumblers was lovingly hand-blown so that every glass has its own unique character. 

Looking like an epic freeze-frame captured at the point of impact, this beautiful Whisky glass has a genuine 0.308 calibre bullet lodged in its side. 

They (and we) say that real Whisky drinkers don't ever shoot the good stuff – they savour it. Now drink up, it's your round.

Neither the cartridge nor the glass contain any gunpowder or lead residue – so they're 100% safe for use.

Can be personalised.

H13 x W13 x D13cm

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