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Squirrel House

Squirrel House

Hoop Bird Feeder

Hoop Bird Feeder

Wild Bee House

Keep the bees buzzing in the garden with our Wild Bee House. 

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With a stained Spruce outer frame and inner tubes, the bee house imitates honeycomb's hexagonal shapes.

Allowing bees to follow their natural instincts for finding holes in walls, tunnels in the ground and hollowed out stems of plants it’s a little helping hand to the decreasing bee population

Fix to an outdoor wall or fence that sees plenty of sunlight without any obstructing plants to create a happy home.

Dip treated with a water based non-toxic wood stain
The bee house should be positioned in direct sunlight, away from any obstructing plants

Crafted in Pine

H17 x W20 x D9cm


By Garden Trading

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