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Set Of Three Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow Bombs

Set Of Three Hot Chocolate And Marshmallow Bombs

Glitter Cranberry Sauce

Glitter Cranberry Sauce

Set Of Three Gin Marmalades Gift Set

The perfect gift for gin fans.

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Our Gin Marmalades made a fantastic gift in the first place, but what if you’d like to give the gin lover in your life an even more adventurous treat?

Don’t stifle their palate with just one delicious spread, give them three!

This gift set contains three adorable miniature jars of our Gin Marmalades:

The original Gin & Tonic Marmalade: our classic award-winning gin-infused preserve

The delicate Pink Gin Marmalade: the prettiest pink gin blended into posh marmalade

The NEW and EXCLUSIVE Gin and Juice Marmalade: rare blood orange flavoured gin preserve that you won’t find anywhere else.

Free your loved ones from the constraints of happy hour and introduce their favourite tipple to a whole new world of breakfast, baking and beyond.

H18.6 x W6.8 x D5.9cm, 125g

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