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Chocolate Boobs

Chocolate Boobs

Grow A Dick

Grow A Dick

Boys With Plants

  • Gardening has never looked so good
  • Satisfy the sexually frustrated plant parent inside you
  • 50 boys sharing the plants they love 
  • Eye candy and indoor garden envy in one handy volume
  • Includes bios of each gardener and their top tips on growing
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You love plants. You love boys. But there are only so many hours of Monty Don programmes a lusty young trowel-wrangler can sit through before they yearn for something new. 

Treat yourself to a flip through this collection of men and their leafy green friends, each one more handsome than the last. The plants, that is. We can’t comment on the state of the men, though many of them are models, or Insta-famous, or both. We’ll let you draw your own conclusions. 

Guys aside, the real gems of this book are the tips! Find out why Mark feeds his lot with sparkling water, how Oskar avoids a dreaded overwatering, and make the most of your diddy urban space with Travis. You’ll be living in your own little Kew Gardens in no time.

Hardback, perfect for your coffee table.

H19 x W16.5cm x D1.5cm

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