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Personalised Awesome Teacher Candle

Personalised Awesome Teacher Candle

Aged Smoke Tea Light Holder

The smoky hues of our tea light holders are crafted from recycled glass material and skilfully shaped in this organic design.

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The soft hues, lit by candlelight produce a soft, atmospheric light. The molten glass is handblown into a simple mould to create this shape. We use recycled glass to make these collections. Firstly, the waste glass is collected and washed to remove any impurities; it is then crushed and melted down before being hand blown or placed in moulds to create beautiful new products. Please position tea light securely. This product will get hot in use. Keep out of reach of children. Wait until fully cooled before handling. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 100% glass. S: H9 x W9 x D9cm M: H13 x W13 x D13cm L: H16 x W16 x D16cm
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