Calm The F*ck Down Tea Set

The best way to enjoy Calm The F*ck Down Tea

Includes a ridiculously cute 10g mini tin of tea

Printed earthenware mug to remind you to calm the f*ck down

Refreshing herbal tea, dashed with camomile and peppered with liquorice

The ideal gift for all your overworked and underpaid pals

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Product Description


Looming deadlines, claustrophobic commutes, scarily inept world leaders – life is stressful and sometimes you just need a little help to calm down. This tea was specifically designed for such times. 

Presented in a classy gift box, the Calm The F*ck Down Tea Set includes a super cute 10g mini tin of loose leaf tea and a white earthenware mug printed with a slogan to remind you to calm. the. fuck. down. 

Our soothing signature tea blend has been lowering stress levels and settling nerves since 2016. Pour yourself a lovely warm cup and see what all the fuss is about.

H11 x W1 x D9cm