Brewdog Elvis Juice Beer Making Kit

  • Another fab collab from Brooklyn Brew Shop and Brewdog

  • Make your very own gallon of Elvis Juice 

  • That’s nearly 2 six-packs worth of zesty, grapefruity American IPA

  • Home brewing without the hassle or stress, literally never been easier

  • Schlep to the pub for pricey pints no more!

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Product Description


Why buy it when you can brew it yourself for less?!

A bottle of your favourite Brewdog beer is nice, but nothing beats the satisfaction of kicking back with a pint of the homemade stuff. We swear it tastes better. 

This kit comes with almost everything you need to recreate their famous Elvis Juice. Get ready for an entire gallon of vibrant, citrusy beer to materialise in your very own home - after a tolerably small bit of elbow grease, of course. Fear not, this reusable kit comes with simple instructions to help you get to grips with traditional brewing methodology. Next stop, eight pints of crafty goodness! 

Brewdog itself started out as as just two guys and a dog brewing booze in their kitchen. Will this kit kickstart your journey to becoming a billion pound beer tycoon? Probably not. But you’ll have a laugh making it and enjoy getting a bit pissed up afterwards, which is almost as good.

Please Note:

Does not include jar for the malt

Some basic kitchen utensils also required (2x 10 litre containers, large mesh strainer & large funnel)

H30 x W23 x D19cm