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Things to do with the kids this Summer…

Parents we have some terrible news for you. It is almost the time for the summer holidays to begin. 6 whole weeks of wondering what ways you can entertain your children without breaking the bank or breaking your spirit.

Well fear not frazzled grown-ups. All things Brighton Beautiful are here to help. We have put together a list of 5 really great things to do with your children this summer and show you how our products can help you!

You can thank us later!

Make a den

Even for the most adult of us adults, there is nothing more satisfying then hiding away in your very own den. There are a variety of things you can make your den from; cushions, blankets, chairs, sticks and even a cuddly toy or two. But for the ultimate den why not check out our range of TeePees; which take the hassle out of the building but still let you have all the fun!

Bake up a storm

You should never underestimate the power of baking. It is messy, fun, creative and of course utterly tasty too; all of the things that kids love. Here at All Things Brighton Beautiful we believe that baking shouldn’t be boring; which is why we have put together a range of delightful cookie cutters that can create everything from rockets right up to dinosaurs.

Play dress up

We all love a spot of fancy dress and if you are stuck for something to do on a rainy summer day then why not raid the dressing up box? Whether you pretend to be unicorns, dragons, princesses or pirates. There is so much fun to be had when you play as someone else for a few hours; plus it is a great way to encourage your child to use their imagination too.

Have a picnic

So we have already given you an idea for when the weather is grey, but what about on those lovely days packed with glorious sunshine? Why not pack a picnic, grab your picnic rug and head outdoors? You don’t have to go far, the back garden will do; all that matters is that you get out in the sunshine and spend some time together.

Decorate their bedroom

The summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to do those DIY jobs that you have been putting off; especially if you can get the kids involved too, for more ideas visit www.houseandtech.com. Last year we went to Australia and we were sure to visit Red Centre and Uluru while being there, my daughter fell in love with the decoration in the place so i though we could do something similar. Decorating their bedroom is a great thing that you can all do together and what better way to transform their space then by using wall stickers? Let them pick theme and to help you decide where they will look best and you will keep them entertained.

Hopefully these top tips have helped you to think of ways to keep your kid entertained this summer holiday. Now, how to keep your other half entertained too!
So there you have it, ten ways to save your sanity this summer. The trick to remember is that whilst you will want to keep them entertained it is impossible to do this each and every day. So whilst you can arrange things for them to do, the trick really is to encourage them to keep themselves entertained too.


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