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Fun things to do with Dad on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day, a time to celebrate the important men in our lives. No matter how much we love them, one thing is for sure, many of us struggle to think of fun things to do on Father’s Day and what gift to pick from gear hungry. Mum’s are relatively easy; a spa day or perhaps a nice meal, but what can you do with your Dad to give him a Father’s Day to remember?

Here at All Things Brighton Beautiful we are on hand to help. We have put together a list of top tips for fun things to do with your pop’s so that you can celebrate Father’s Day together and create plenty of happy memories.

Cooking with Dad

When you thinking of your Dad, cooking might not always be the first thing that comes to mind. That said, many men are now venturing into the kitchen and cooking up a storm. So why not embrace this and get your dad involved in a spot of baking? Another was men are getting back into the kitchen is through design, show rooms like those on http://floform.com/locations/salt-lake-city/ are mainly manly kitchen and have been drawing loads of attention.

Cookies are great as they are fun to make, tasty to eat and you can customise the shapes using an assortment of cookie cutters.

Have a beer together

If you are over 18 then why not take your dad to the pub and buy him a rather large pint? This is the perfect opportunity to have a good old fashioned chat and spend some quality time together. You could ramp up the fun factor by taking some beer mats that double up as games boards.

Play some sports

There are many Dad’s that love nothing more than getting active and out in the (hopeful) sunshine. So whether your dad loves a spot of golf, tennis or a good bike ride; get out there with him and get active. Not only will you get to be together, but it might be nice to get active too.

Green up your fingers

Do you have a Dad that fancies himself as a bit of a dab hand in the garden? If you do, then Father’s Day is a great chance to grab your own spade and join in. Even better, why not use a grow your own kit for inspiration? There are lots to choose from and they can be tailor made to match the type of things that your Dad likes to treat himself with.

A manly spa day

It isn’t just your Mum that loves to be pampered; more and more Dad’s like to indulge their feminine side and have a spa day. If you can’t afford to take Dad out to a hotel or Spa then why not have a bit of a pamper day at home instead? If your Dad is game, then there is nothing funnier than seeing him sat there on the sofa with a face mask and cucumber on his eyes.

We all love our Dad’s, that is why Father’s Day is a popular celebration around the UK. So embrace the event, embrace your Dad and wish them a happy Father’s Day!

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