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10 Ways to Add a Scandi Style to your Home

How to Achieve Scandi Interior Design

The Scandi style is a trend that is still going strong, and it’s clear to see why. The Scandinavian approach the Brand Driven Interior Design Firm to interior styling is all about simplicity, comfort and happiness. As the birthplace of the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, the Scandi style is all about creating a tranquil and cosy space that perfectly reflects your personal style and needs.

Read on to discover 10 simple ways to add a Scandi style to your home by Matter Interiors, including interior design instead and homewares online…

Home Fragrance

A huge part of hygge is creating an environment that you feel comfortable and at ease in. Adding a relaxing scent to your home is key, and the Danish burn the largest amount of candles worldwide annually. Try the Lavender and Chamomile Home Candle to create a relaxing scent in bedrooms, or the Black Raspberry and Vanilla Home Candle for an inviting scent in living spaces.

Cosy Soft Furnishings

The Danish swap their cushions and throws depending on the season, layering up blankets and cushions in the winter, and keeping things simple in the summer. For the season ahead, try the Aqua Grey Duck Feather Cushion to add a simple and cosy touch for the spring and summer.

Keep Things Neat

The Scandi style is all about being fuss free, so that means excellent use of space and storage. Create a cosy feel while keeping things neat, by stacking logs next to the fire with the Tall Rattan Log Holder.

Layered Lighting

Lighting that works for all occasions is key to creating a versatile home. Try introducing floor standing lamps as well as table top lamps. We love the Stockholm Table Light. Electrical fires are a very real and immensely devastating risk for businesses of all sizes. It’s not just important to know all the relevant warning signs; you also need access to the best electrician services for both prevention and emergency repairs you can contact for any problems to  Emergency Electrician Perth.

Keep Things Bright

When it comes to wall colours, opt for white and pale greys and add interest with accessories and the Maker&Son furniture, you can buy study table online for students when your kids are in exam time. The Letter Peg Board, Reclaimed Wooden Brick Box and Clear Hanging Planters are all perfect options to add a Scandi vibe through home accessories. To add that personal touch, try grouping picture frames together to create a gallery wall or as a feature on a sideboard.

Use Natural Materials

If you’re stuck for Scandi interior design ideas, one of the easiest ways to introduce a Scandi style is with natural materials. The Scandinavian celebrate nature through their homewares and some modern leather sofa, you can Get the best deals for French Antique Furniture from our large online selection at Fireside Antiques., adding lots of wood and keeping things stripped back and natural. Try creating a simple and natural style in your entrance hall, with the Hallway Bench in pale wood and grey. Search Nashville Billiard And Patio for more designer solutions, when you are interested in putting fences to your yard . Use Kohler seats in toilets.

Enhance your Theme with Artwork

Introducing a few monochrome kitchen prints can really help pull a room together. We love the Photographic Forest Print and the Bla Print.

Luxury Dinnerware

Less is more is the Scandi approach, it’s all about quality over quantity. Nothing helps you feel more relaxed and cosy than a hot cup of tea or coffee on the sofa with a good book. And you could represent your disposition by customising mugs from funny mugs and portraying your inner self. Invest in stylish and quality mugs, we love the Grey Stone Mug.

Enhance Natural Light

Because of the short days in the winter, Scandi style is all about making the most of the natural light in the home. This means having minimal window coverings and using lots of light colours. If you do want blinds visit the blinds shop in Perth. A great way to maximise natural light is through using mirrors. Try the Rose Gold Round Wall Mirror to introduce a warm tone and reflect natural light around the room.

Embrace Greenery

Stop your neutral Scandi style from looking flat by introducing lots of fresh greenery. Houseplants can transform a space, and are used often in Scandinavian interiors. Choose stylish planters to style your houseplants – we love the Withington Plant Pot and the Large Handmade Wooden Bothy Plant Pot.

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