101 Things To Do With A Huge Willy

  • As if having a massive willy wasn’t fun enough already

  • 101 exciting things to do with your big knob

  • Ooh, it’s all in colour, what a nice touch

  • A perfect gift for the well endowed and clueless

  • 128 pages of well endowed fun

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Product Description


Blessed with a massive willy but not quite sure what to do with all that length? We have just the book for you! 

Discover 101 mental new things you can do with the meat in your pants, from herding sheep to controlling traffic. If you’re really packing heat, you could stretch to turn the kettle on or even explore the moon! 

We can’t promise that you won’t get in trouble for trying this stuff out in real life, but you’ll certainly have a lot of fun before you get caught. 
H14 x W14cm x 10cm